Pineapple Head (methedras) wrote in mxo,
Pineapple Head

Worth it?

Hey guys,

Not sure how regularly this is being used, or if any of you are even playing anymore, but I got a few questions.

I'm an ex Star Wars Galaxy player, and currently playing Everquest 2 like it's going out of fashion. I got a Station Access account with SOE, and notice that Matrix Online is part of my subscription.

Questions :

Is the game populated, or is it a mediocre spattering of people across the servers?

Is the game worth playing? I tried it in beta and to be honest, it was very dull, and extremely awkward to play. How has the game improved?

Is there much game content, and do the events still occur in accordance with the Wachowski's vision of The Matrix?

Thanks all.

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