Noob alert..

hey, I am from australia, and have never played MXO and am not even sure how the game-play works.. I don't think it has even been officially released here..

is there any preemptive advice/construct-training you ninjas can advise for me?


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Pre-Massive Inc. Billboards

Hello, all!

I am trying (unsucessfully) to find some slogans from before the days of Massive Inc's real world ads. Can you tell me some of your favorite creepy bilboardds or fliers that were featured in-game (like "Watch More TV")?



Worth it?

Hey guys,

Not sure how regularly this is being used, or if any of you are even playing anymore, but I got a few questions.

I'm an ex Star Wars Galaxy player, and currently playing Everquest 2 like it's going out of fashion. I got a Station Access account with SOE, and notice that Matrix Online is part of my subscription.

Questions :

Is the game populated, or is it a mediocre spattering of people across the servers?

Is the game worth playing? I tried it in beta and to be honest, it was very dull, and extremely awkward to play. How has the game improved?

Is there much game content, and do the events still occur in accordance with the Wachowski's vision of The Matrix?

Thanks all.


hey everyone I know this is spam like but please read.
I'm starting up a matrix RPG and we're looking for players. All positions are open save for Neo. Original characters are more than welcome. I hope to see you there at Less_Than_Real
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(no subject)

I picked up the Matrix Online yesterday and have been struggling to understand how the game works and how to control my character (Moniker6 on Linenoise - level 6 so far).

I am thinking about being Proxy Master, but I am not sure.

Can't you get to the master level of Code and Hacker on the same toon, or is that not a good thing?
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In character LJ

So I was surfing around today and found this IC livejournal for the game.

The most recent entry is about yesterday's events and even has screenshots, so you might wanna check it out if you missed the event.

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(no subject)

SO far so good.

I joined the Linenoise server, my character is a level 4 (name's Macchina).

I'm probably going to go Operative, and maybe join the Machines (darkside so I've heard).

I notice that the game is a bit more RPG like, like D&D or WhiteWolf games, and I like that.

(no subject)


I have not yet purchased the game, but I love mmorpg's and I need a good sci-fi one. I love World of Warcraft and all, but I'm just not a huge fantasy fan.

How would you rate MxO compared to say other mmorpgs?

I started off with Star Wars Galaxies and was let down by how difficult it was to level.

Anywho, I may purchase the game tonight.

Any tips or opinions would be great, thanks!

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Last night?

So was anyone else on last night when things started to get weird?

There were all sorts of system messages about surrendering illegal fragaments, and then they went on to say that humans were no longer welcome in the matrix (????) and that we should all jackout.

A while later, the same messages came across saying that we had 11 hours to comply with these new instructions. That was about 11 PM my time, so the 11 hours would be ending in about an hour and a half.

Wish I wasn't at work!
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